Diocesan Multi Academy Trusts



The Members of our two Multi Academy Trusts perform an important and defined governance role.  They are the ones who founded the MATs, that is they legally created them by signing the Memorandum of Understanding and they are the ultimate guardians of governance.  They are independent from the MAT Board of Directors and have the ability to hold the MATs to account in a number of areas.

The role of the Members is to:

  • Assure themselves that governance in the MATs is effective both at Director and Governor level
  • Ensure that MAT Directors are acting in accordance with the MATs Charitable Objects
  • Ensure that the Trustees estate is cared for and developed – this involves oversight of building and maintenance projects in academies
  • Assure themselves that the Catholic Life of the MAT and the academies within it is maintained and developed in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Appoint or remove the MAT auditors
  • Amend the MATs Articles of Association if required

The Members also have the authority to direct MAT Directors, by special resolution, to take specific action where MAT Directors are unable or unwilling to act in the best interests of the MAT.  In practice this could include a failure to uphold the Catholic character of the MAT, a failure of MAT Directors to discharge their safeguarding or financial duties or a direction to undertake an external governance review.  Further details of Members roles and responsibilities can be found in the DfE publication: Academy Trust Governance: Structures and Role Descriptors (October 2020).

The Members of our Diocesan Multi Academy Trusts are:

  • The Bishop of Northampton
  • Episcopal Vicar
  • Duns Scotus Trust

Bishop of Northampton: Currently Rt Rev Dr David Oakley, the role of Member is associated with the office of Bishop rather than the individual in place.

Episcopal Vicar: Currently Fr Christopher Perry, Episcopal Vicar, Servant King Vicariate.

Duns Scotus Trust: An independent Trust of the Diocese set up as a Private Limited Company in 2013 to  provide independent oversight of the two diocesan Multi Academy Trusts. Members of the Duns Scotus Trust are:

  • Fr Christopher Perry (Chair)
  • Mr B Greene
  • Mrs M Kavanagh
  • Mrs C Stormonth
  • Dcn David Curtis
  • Mr W Deegan
  • Mrs C Ashman

The Members at least once per year to undertake their oversight duty.  The Chairs of the MAT Board of Directors and the Senior Executive Leaders of each Trust are also present.  The Director of Schools is also asked to attend and a member of the Education Service team is Company Secretary and clerk to the Trust.


“When we work in communion, we strengthen our mission”

David Oakley, bishop of Northampton

Governor Bitesize: