From January 2023, all denomination inspections within the Diocese of Northampton will be undertaken by the Catholic Schools Inspectorate (CSI).

Our Catholic schools and academies are an important part of the mission of the Church in our diocese.

Catholic Schools Inspectorate Inspections (CSI) and Interim Monitoring Visits (IMV) enable the Bishop to assess systematically the work of his schools thus provide the diocese with opportunities to support, evaluate and promote this vital work in the mission of the Church.

The purpose of monitoring and inspection is, therefore, to assist the school in its continuing work of self-evaluation. This is realised through the identification of particular strengths, areas requiring further improvement and through progress made since the last inspection both in the Catholic life of the school and through standards achieved in curriculum Religious Education. 

Catholic Schools Inspectorate Documents for Schools

  • Catholic Self Evaluation Document (CSED)
  • Comparative Evaluation Schedule and Judgement Descriptors
  • CSI Parents’ Survey Questions
  • CSI Staff Survey
  • Letter informing parents/carers of a CSI inspection

Catholic Schools Inspectorate Documents for Inspectors

  • CSI Inspection Handbook
  • CSI Comparative Evaluation Schedule and Judgement Descriptors
  • CSI Evidence Form 
  • CSI Work Scrutiny Proforma 
  • CSI Report Template 

“Inspection provides an opportunity to support, challenge, evaluate and promote the work of Catholic schools and colleges.  It also enables the Diocese to celebrate with schools their sense of identity and their strengths as Catholic schools.”