Luton primary school, St Margaret of Scotland were thrilled to report the outcome of their recent Ofsted inspection.  Inspectors visited the school in February 2022 and judged it to be Good with Outstanding features.  The report highlights how proud pupils are to be part of the school and how they feel cared for and nurtured.  Leaders and teachers were also praised for the strength of the curriculum and teaching in the classrooms.  A copy of the report can be viewed on the Ofsted website here

Inspectors were particularly impressed with how the school nurtures the pupils personal development “Leaders’ work to promote pupils’ personal development is exceptional. Pupils are caring, kind and know right from wrong. They know why it is important to respect others’ views. Pupils learn about and participate in the life of the local community. They support local charities and multi-faith events. A carefully planned programme of trips and activities is available for all pupils. This helps to open pupils’ eyes to new opportunities, and helps them to develop new interests and ambitions.”   Chair of Governors, Debbie Main said “This judgements is well deserved and down to the commitment of the staff team and the hard work of everyone involved with the school, governors are very proud of the schools achievements.”