Open access singing and choirs in our Catholic schools


The National Schools Singing Programme (NSSP) initiative takes inspiration from the model developed by the Diocese of Leeds in 2003. It uses the existing infrastructure of Catholic state schools and offers seed funding to support world-class inclusive music programmes. Funds received from the National organisation have already helped to engage diverse communities which have often been an afterthought for choral and church music.

You can watch a short BBC documentary about the NSSP here.

The foundation of the NSSP rests on a network of after-school choirs that support parish and cathedral liturgies. As well as enhancing the in-school experience of musical education, the programme engages the wider community with concerts and performances that all can enjoy.  The NSSP was first introduced into our schools in 2022 and Marcela Campana, our Choral Director, currently works in schools across Milton Keynes and Northampton. Singing is uniquely accessible for all kinds of people. It’s a form of music making that offers a whole range of individual and social benefits to both those who are performing and those who are listening. It is a great way to express faith, supports social cohesion, has many mental health benefits, encourages expression, as well as furthering academic attainment.

Some testimonials from our schools

“The children in Year 3 and Year 4 have become excellent role models for singing for the rest of our school community, particularly during Collective Worship. They have developed an appreciation for the way in which music can be used to give praise to God and are building their skills to be able to lead others in this too.” Headteacher, Northampton

“The children are all very enthusiastic and their confidence has grown which is evident in other subjects and in assemblies. Marcela has also focused on using the correct musical terminology which is great to see. The children and the school have truly benefited from these wonderful sessions.” Headteacher, Milton Keynes

 “I really like being part of the choir and learning to sing in different languages, including French, Italian, Spanish and Latin”. Primary Pupil, Northampton

Listen to some of our primary pupils singing

“Choral Music helps us to set a good example for our friends on how to sing when we praise God’” NSSP Chorister